Kristine Kelly

Figure 1. Harriet thinking about global and local networks on her drive to the supermarket. (Screenshot of Flight Paths, Episode 3) 


Figure 2. Collaborative authorship. (Screenshot of Flight Paths, Title page)


Figure 2a. List of participant authors. (Screenshot of Flight Paths, Participants Page)


Figure 3. Yacub looking up at the landing gear. (Screenshot of Flight Paths, Episode 2)


Figure 4. Harriet driving London roads. (Screenshot of Flight Paths, Episode 3)


Figure 5. Yacub finds a door out of the system. (Screenshot of Flight Paths, Episode 2)


Figure 6. Harriet shopping bordered on the left by Yacub flying. (Screenshot of Flight Paths, Episode 4)


Figure 7. Yacub’s and Harriet’s viewpoints collide. (Screenshot of Flight Paths, Episode 4) 


Figure 7a. Credits for authorship of text, images, sound, and design. (Screenshot from Flight Paths, Episode 6) 


Figure 8. Front page map offers narrative oversight. Locations names appear as readers scroll over the map. (Screenshot from of day, of night, landing page)


Figure 9. The video inset of the “before” page shows Sophie walking through different city scenarios. (Screenshot from of day, of night)


Figure 10. The video inset on the “realise” page shifts between Sophie’s face and her feet, mobile and grounded. (Screenshot from of day, of night)


Figure 11. An array of second-hand objects at the local market to help inspire dreams. (Screenshot from of day, of night)


Figure 12. Video inset of Sophie handling market objects. (Screenshot from of day, of night)


Figure 13. A close up view of the pages in the notebook Sophie finds at the café. Clicking on each image zooms on that page and mouse-overs reveal Sophie’s responses and queries about the purpose of the page’s image. (Screenshot from of day, of night, “peruse”)


Figure 14. A cabinet where the reader can arrange her collected objects into varying sequences. (Screenshot from of day, of night, “arrange”)