Sarah Mygind

Figure 1. Cover frame to The Girl from Shanghai. © Kong Orange 


Figure 2. Typical frame layout. © Kong Orange


Figure 3. Video “The Amah”. © Kong Orange

Figure 4. The two layers of one panel.  © Kong Orange

Figure 5. The first page with panels in Dalton-Brødrenes Fætre (1978) (Original title: Les Cousins Dalton (The Dalton Cousins), 1958) written by René Goscinny and drawn by Morris, Danish translation by Tonny Lützer. Here the fictional Dalton Brothers are commemorating their famous cousins Bob, Grat, Bill, and Emmet Dalton and decide they want to do something that would have made them proud. So they decide to revenge themselves on the man who “neutralized” their cousins: Lucky Luke. © Interpresse, 1978.


Figure 6. After the pages with panels in Dalton-Brødrenes Fætre, page 47 features a photograph of the bank in Coffeyville where two of the real Dalton Brothers were shot and the text below tells of the real Dalton Brothers and how the fictional Dalton Brothers from the comic are cousins to the real Dalton Brothers. © Interpresse, 1978. 


Figure 7. Promotional image of Shanghai Modern (left), and an example of how the encyclopedic layer will work (right). © Kong Orange 


Figure 8. Shanghai – The Never Ending Bigband Experience, Musikhuset Aarhus, 11 & 12 March 2016. © Bisgaard & Ratschau